Thursday, 10 November 2005


I'll be away at a GBU national camp until late Sunday, and as Belgian 'camp' centres such as we can afford aren't equipped with internet connections, I won't be blogging live from the conference.

However, please interpret my silence as a call to pray for us, as we hear talks on a Biblical ethic (or the Christian and ethics in society - not sure of the title but it's something along those lines). Pray that the students would be challenged about living the whole of their lives (attitudes, relationships, friendships, etc) under the Lordship of Christ. Pray that they'd be bound together in the love of Christ as they encourage one another and share with each other, especially between the different groups. Pray that we'd get enough sleep to have enough energy for the above, and to enjoy the time away together. Pray that in all of this, the IFES team would also be getting to know the students, support them, and encourage them especially regarding group evangelism.

Update to follow on Monday!

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