Friday, 13 January 2006

Newness of life

You remember my occasionally dying and resurrecting fridge? Well Mr Electrician Man was going round the rooms removing the perfectly good light fittings from our bathrooms and installing new ones (ooh!) so I told him of it. He was distinctly unsurprised that the fridge should occasionally cut power, or that wiggling a plug (of any other appliance) in the socket above could with a bit of skill and ignorance, restore its power. Am I ignorant of electronics, or is this Belgian?? He claims to have fixed it. Nice Mr Electrician Man.

So there passes the era "Your gospel reminder brought to you today by your very own resurrecting fridge!" (Though I was struggling to get the 'wiggle the unconnected appliance plug in the socket above' bit fitting in...) We have now, I hope, passed into the era of the reminder of the permanence of newness of life.

Praise the Lord!


mama said...

Nice Mr Electrician Man probably knows something you don't know. Like perhaps the house was originally lived in by another Nice Electrician Man (or woman - let's not get sexist here) who did all the wiring him/herself... now what does that remind you of... maybe your own Belfast home, Etrangere?

Now, for a gospel reminder, keep it simple.
"You need a sound connection so that the Power can get through."
"When you ain't got the Power, try wiggling a little."
"When you finally get the Power, celebrate with a nice cup of tea."
Not sure how that last one got in ;)

PG said...

or maybe a charasmatic approach is really the message...wiggle a little and you receive "the power" hmmm or maybe not

étrangère said...

Lol pg that cracked me up.

I wouldn't tar ALL charismatics with that theology tho - you can believe in the continuation of certain gifts without going in for power wiggling (or such) in worship ;-D

But hey, whatever - power wiggling and cups of tea sound good to me!