Monday, 29 May 2006

One fine day

When your church doesn't have a Sunday evening service (and neither does any church in the city)... well it doesn't replace it, but it's rather nice to wait until around 7.30 when everyone else is having dinner and go for a walk around the local lake/park , from which you can't see the city, notice the , , (and some colourful goose I can't find a picture of!), pray and settle on a bench with a Bible to listen to a good sermon on mp3.


mama said...

>>and some colourful goose I can't find a picture of<<

Aw... and I thought you'd taken these shots yourself!

étrangère said...

I purposefully didn't take my camera, because I see better without a camera.

Skippy said...

Lots of bird photos at

Might be helpful to identify the bird first. Do you know what kind of goose it was? What colour was it? etc.