Monday, 24 July 2006

Tell me the old, old story

On Friday I had a great 3-hour driving lesson: everything went smoothly, I felt confident, and only stalled a couple of times. On Saturday my sister arrived, stopping over on her way back to Aberdeen: wonderful to see her, as I rarely do. On Sunday I got to be back in my Belfast church, and out to the Minister's family for lunch before back to spend the rest of the time with my lovely sister. Plus a friend at church thought her friend who's at New Horizon might be able to find me a lift back from the event this evening at which Piper is speaking, so I could go to it and not be stranded 60 miles north of Belfast with no transport.

This morning in quick succession 1) my hope of going to hear Piper speak left me with a negative answering text from my friend's friend, 2) my sister left me for Aberdeen and 3) my clutch control left me in my driving lesson. I feel I spent more of those 3 hours stalling than driving. And that was quite tiring.

I want to curl up in a chair and cry read a novel, drink tea and eat chocolate. But that won't help anything, so someone please tell me the gospel instead...

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