Saturday, 3 February 2007

Christian Freudianism

If modern atheists are mostly following Neitzsche, what about contemporary Evangelicalism? Trueman suggests we're more Freudian than we'd like to admit.


Alan Davey said...

One thing I have always wanted to ask you.

How can anyone have "an interest in Belgium?"

I can't think of anything interesting in Belgium (except perhaps the road to France...)

Just kidding ;-)

(I hope my friends in Belgium don't read this....)

Andrew C said...

Indeed. Jacques Brel who exiled himself in France and then on some island in the South Altantic sang about "Ce plat pays qui est le mien".

But surely there's a difference between 'Interesting' and to be 'Interested in' .

Belgium could be described as 'interesting' because of its gastronomic riches (far superior to and less fussy than their Western neighbours, and far more discerning than the Dutch or Germans)

Culturally, Belgium has given us such icons as Tintin, Astérix, Gaston Lagaffe, Spirou ... (don't let the French tell you otherwise.) And there's even Plastic Bertrand's Ca plane pour moi (currently featuring on a UK TV commercial - can't remember which one). Top that! These are what might be used to describe Belgium as interesting along with its inventory of beer and chocolate (obligé!)

(Hercules Poirot doesn't count)

To be 'interested in' a place must mean something else. Its people maybe, and their spiritual needs??

Allez, ...une fois...

étrangère said...

Tous les deux : c'est interessant, et je m'en interesse :) Mais oui, c'est plutot comme Andrew C dit - un interet que Dieu m'a donne je crois.