Thursday, 22 March 2007

Surprised by the voice of God

Read right through this to the end: "The morning I heard the voice of God." It's well worth it, and rather challenging.

And this evening a student said to me, "Apart from becoming a Christian, joining CU was the best decision I've ever made." Which rather encouraged me. Likewise a student from a country which is very culturally Christian, who'd become a Christian earlier but not really known what it meant to live it distinctively - now shocked that she's going onto CU committee, says CU has made all the difference. Sometimes it's nice to have a bit of encouragement. Another student is coming perilously close to being sacked from his student job because he refuses to hard-sell the store credit card with a deceitful speil which barely mentions that it's a credit card, since the accumulation of credit cards are usually very damaging and as a Christian he won't do that to others. Distinctiveness. The gospel at work. Encouraging.


mama said...

"The morning I heard..."
Yes! Yes! Yes! Great stuff.

PG said...

distinctiveness...the stuff that our lower sixth group at lunch times are starting to realise they need too! Only we're a few steps behind...the hows and reality of it is still to fully hit in.
Encouraging stuff :)

*heads off to read the link*