Monday, 21 May 2007

Quote of the day: take your pick!

Martin Downes over at Against Heresies has been posting some great interviews with men well worth listening to. So far we have...

  • Geoff Thomas - whom we had to speak in WarwickCU in my 1st year on exec; I seem to recall our secretary inadvertently sending him a letter requesting a talk of 25min (we'd had too many overlong talks), and some of us collapsing in laughter at the thought when our minister pointed it out. (Thankfully he spoke for 40, and you wouldn't have noticed it.) Amongst other things, he advises: "For every single word addressed to the wolf give ten words to the sheep." On Christian Ministry and Dealing with Error: Part 1 and Part 2 - interesting.

  • Sticking with Welsh Thomases, we have Derek. Who baptised me during his sojourn in Norn Iron in Stranmillis EPC, and now lectures at the Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson. He describes himself as a lifelong "vanilla Calvinist of the experiential variety", and answers questions on handling truth & error in pastoral ministry: part 1 and part 2 (even changing mugshot inbetween).

  • Next up Martin gave us R. Scott Clark, part 1 & part 2, whom I don't know, but seemed to attract many Americans in the post comments. He was interviewed under the heading, "Defence against the Dark Arts", and is worth a read if only for the sake of reading a post in Against Heresies which is introduced by a quote from Severus Snape (not to be confused with the monophysite Severus of Antioch). Clark's been denominated one of "Machen's Warrior Children", for which I'd be inclined to like him, and he intrigues me by shooting at Social Trinitarianism as running afoul of the Athanasian Creed.

  • Most lately we're treated to Carl Trueman, of Ref21 blogging London cab-driver interview infamy, on Sin in High Places. So far, part 1, including Zen-Calvinism, Barthianism, and the absence of a magic bullet. I await the next installment!

Thanks, Martin! [Including for notifying me by facebook since blogRolling is down!]

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