Friday, 17 August 2007

Waving wildly

Since Peter Williams has become Warden at Tyndale House, Justin Taylor has interviewed him and John Piper recommends getting to know him. I recommend it too, not that that means much! I do thank God for the wisdom and hospitality of the Williams and how they patiently showed it to this Norn Irish girl when I arrived at La Panne 7 or so years ago, and since. I had the privilege of, well, trying to help Kathryn with the children for a week this summer, and at least doing the washing up while she did look after the children. [Hi Kathryn! You may tell Pete I've just bought a course to learn Dutch... And I hope you like the King the Snake and the Promise which should have popped through your door mysteriously, or soon will do. Ahem.] In between reading more languages than most people know exist (or probably while reading etc...), Pete blogs at Evangelical Textual Criticism. His study goes over my head by about a league, and he admits that the theses of the PhD students under him won't be intelligible to the bulk of the church - but I admire how he is serving the Church. Read his vision for it in JT's interview. Whether as a lecturer Warden of Tyndale House or giving evangelistic talks to passers-by on a prom in Belgium (in French or Flemish), being involved in his local church or explaining a Bible verse to children on a beach, his vision is to serve the church. It's that sort of vision & practice, in God's grace, which makes me argue back rather at Total Truth when it seems to denigrate the role of the 'professional' theologian (see review below). [Even if all Pete's weight of linguistic scholarship couldn't shake my Norn Irish cynicism on whether Ulster Scots should qualify as a language.]

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