Tuesday, 11 September 2007


... is the 'leader in land based studies and sport'.
... has the best College rugby team in the UK (British College champions 2007).
... has the best University rugby team in the UK (2007 BUSA shield winners).
... has the best University football team in the UK (2007 BUSA champions).
... hosted the FEI World Para dressage championships 2007.
... has a lovely compact campus in the middle of gorgeous countryside, with views over hills in Wales.
... has a student initiated, student led CU, just started last year.

It may take slightly over an hour to get to from Birmingham, but I'm rather excited about this CU, and so thankful to God for the dedication, enthusiasm and creativity of the leader. Pray that God would use them powerfully to save their friends in this close college community, through the power of his gospel.


Tim & Lizzy said...

We thank God for Hartpury too; and your work there. We hosted Jonathan & Anna here in Lincoln NZ a couple of months back and heard a few UCCF stories from your patch, but this one excites us the most - we used to live in Gloucester and it's great to see CUs flourishing at both Uni Glos and Hartpury. Love rural institutions - i guess that's partly why we're here in Lincoln! Shows how out of touch we are tho'- didn't realise Hartpury was under wing of UWE now.
Let us know if you'd like to get in touch with some supportive Gloucester and Newent churches.

thebluefish said...