Monday, 10 December 2007

Quote of the day: being Church

CUs uphold the tradition that Christianity in essence rises above any denominational church. We see the spiritual significance of membership in a local church ... but do we see the spiritual significance of meeting with other believers as part of the universal church?

By identifying ourselves as interdenominational we are practising our belief in the community and fellowship of all true believers in Christ ... As student Christian Fellowships meet togehter week after week on campus, they are affirming and acknowledging the reality of this spiritual body - the church.

Angela Teo, for the Fellowship of Evangelical Students in Singapore, quoted in NB News.


Sean Clokey said...

Hmmm. I agree, but what does this mean for the local church?

étrangère said...

That we should never be content with just being church in our congregation or denomination, but seeking to express where we have unity with others? What do you think?