Saturday, 12 July 2008

Long days and always Christ

Yesterday I:
travelled for 14.5 hours;
had my purse stolen on a bus in Athens, within 15min of leaving the house;
had a 2.5h delay for my plane;
added 2h time change;
finished 2.5 books (Les Grand Meaulnes, Trueman's Minority Report, Grisham's A time to kill)
took 2.5h to get from London to Birmingham due to an earlier train taking down overhead lines;
missed my church members' meeting :(

I'm thankful that:
My strength is Christ;
I'm back in the cold UK, away from oppressive Greek heat;
My treasure is Christ;
I had everything I needed to get back home despite the purse being stolen;
My glory is Christ;
The church members' meeting ran late so timing it just right that I got a lift from the station on arriving exhausted;
My rest is Christ.

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Anonymous said...

Sitting in India's oppressive heat away from family makes me long for the cold UK too. Amen to the thoughts on Christ.