Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Should the madman rule?

Chris features a report on the opening debate from the Edinburgh festival, Hitchens' vs. Lennox on The New Europe Should Prefer the New Atheism. Looks like a good debate - I'll be looking out for the recording if it's produced. In Nietzsche's language, one could rephrase the debate: the madman should rule. Though I'd think for Nietzsche that if the New Europe actually consisted of his new men, the question wouldn't need to be asked.

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Takis said...


I'm dissapointed I have not received a reply to my explanation why John Lennox and, more generally, any smart scientist who preaches religion, is dangerous.

I did apologise for my initial cynical tone when I was referring to christians as sheep, but I was referring to the majority of christians who accept this religion without having any clue why they do so.

I later posted explanations and replies here.

In brief, my thesis is that:

1) John Lennox not only talks about god in abstract but he is, very concretely, a member of a particular Church, a priest in fact. However, organised religion is dangerous because, provably, the leaders of most organised religious institutions support murderers.

2) Either Lennox does not understand probability theory or he thinks he is the only one in his neighbourhood who became christian by choice.

3) His use of science is very childish. He uses nothing profoundly scientific, other than the things anybody can read in popular science magazines.