Saturday, 31 January 2009

Mirror, Mirror

Graham Beynon's Mirror, Mirror (IVP, 2008) is excellent. Who are you? What do you think of yourself? You're a sinner and it's wrong to focus on yourself? You're in Christ so you must be worth a lot? The fact is, how you think of yourself will shape how you act. And often as Christians we can be confused about how we should think of ourselves. Good self-image? Or is self-image bad? As for the world around, it's a constant mirror giving us reflections by which to judge ourselves. Graham so helpfully navigates this by showing us through the one mirror of Truth - God's word. As the cover blurb says, "The world tells us that we need a good self-image. The Bible tells us that we need a right self-image."

Originally Graham prepared this material for Christian students in Midlands CUs, and he's continued to apply it pastorally in his church. The book bears these marks with its clarity of writing and practical help - including questions for reflection or discussion so it could be helpfully worked through with Christian friends or in church small groups. Not just for those who're confused or lacking confidence on the issue of self-image and identity - this book is an accessible guide for all Christians to know Biblically who we are and the practical implications.

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