Sunday, 15 March 2009

Quote of the day: Liberally free?

Chesterton got there before me - what we noticed in the "Free" universities in Belgium, which promote "freethinking", GKC made comment on in Orthodoxy:
"In actual modern Europe a freethinker does not mean a man who thinks for himself. It means a man who, having thought for himself, has come to one particular class of conclusions, the material origin of phenomena, the impossibility of miracles, the improbability of personal immortality and so on. And none of these ideas are particularly liberal. Nay, indeed almost all of these ideas are definitely illiberal...

"The man of the nineteenth century did not disbelieve in the Resurrection because his liberal Christianity allowed him to doubt it. He disbelieved in it because his very strict materialism did not allow him to believe in it. ... The doubts of the agnostic were only the dogmas of the monist."
As I advertised for a GBU event years ago:


Chris said...


ps who does a nor'n irsh girl support in the 6 nations...?

étrangère said...

Iiiireland, IRELAND,...! Indeed, the 6 nations is one of the only sports in which it's clear which team I'm to support, and therefore pretty much the only one I follow at a national level. Rugby is played by county, or in Ireland, by the 4 ancient provinces/kingdoms, so together it makes up Ireland rather than the Republic or NI.