Monday, 16 November 2009

The Trinity is good news!

I deleted a comment yesterday, which is rare, but I won't allow spam by unitarians pointing to videos denying the eternal deity of Christ, and the Trinity. This new & readable article by Tim Chester on goes some way to explaining very positively why the Trinity is good news. Amen!

We aren't embarassed of this reality, nor do we keep it as a slightly curious hidden gadget no-one knows how to use. We rejoice in it, celebrate our life in it, embody it as His people, and worship the one true and triune God: Father, Son and Spirit.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link - I'm writing a presentation on the Trinity at the moment for my course and that's a very helpful article!
I think even church leaders and theologians sometimes fall into the trap of treating the Trinity as a problem rather than as a good thing, to their detriment and ours. A lot of the twentieth-century theologians recognised this and tried to reverse the trend at the academic level. It's good to see some more accessible stuff explaining why the Trinity is good news.