Friday, 11 December 2009

The Cross and Christian ministry

This book is marvellous. Not that Carson has an inovative powerful thesis of his own; he merely preaches 1 Corinthians, on the cross and Christian ministry. But God's word is powerful. Nor is that merely for the professional Christian minister: this is a message for all Christians who would in any way minister to others. And I know of no Christ-ian who would not serve others, given that our Master came among us as one who serves. So then, get it and read it. Ask for it for Christmas. It may have a bad cover, but it's worth every penny, and it's short & easy to read, too - incredibly, for the riches of it. I've been fitting it in in lunchbreaks at work.

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Dave K said...

I don't read enough books that do that. Just let the bible speak for itself.

We had a book recommendation for Christmas session at Home Group this week. I recommended Chris Ash's Out of the Storm on Job and it performed the same function.