Wednesday, 17 March 2010

What are you doing in work on St Patrick's day?

My boss joked to me this morning, 'What are you doing in work on St Patrick's Day?' I couldn't think of a more appropriate thing to do on St Patrick's day: I replied, 'Continuing what he started!'
I may dare to undertake so devout and so wonderful a work; so that I might imitate one of those whom long ago the Lord already pre-ordained to be heralds of his Gospel to witness to all peoples to the ends of the earth. So are we seeing, and so it is fulfilled; behold, we are witnesses because the Gospel has been preached as far as the places beyond which no man lives.

I wish to wait then for his promise which is never unfulfilled, just as it is promised in the Gospel: 'Many shall come from east and west and shall sit at table with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob.' Just as we believe that believers will come from all the world.

So for that reason one should, in fact, fish well and diligently, just as the Lord foretells and teaches, saying, 'Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men,'...

According, therefore, to the measure of one's faith in the Trinity, one shoul
d proceed without holding back from danger to make known the gift of God and everlasting consolation, to spread God's name everywhere with confidence and without fear, in order to leave behind, after my death, foundations for my brethren and sons whom I baptized in the Lord in so many thousands.
Read Patrick's Declaration (Confessio) here. Dating c.450AD - contemporary with Augustine, Chrysostom and the Council of Chalcedon. A rivetting personal testimony and defence of 'throwing his life away among the pagans' - because of God's grace, and the promises of his word.

Celebrate God's work through Patrick by taking part in that same mission
- worldwide evangelization. Join in the Lausanne Global Conversation on our brand new interactive world wide website - and engage with brothers and sisters around the world, on key topics 'to spread God's name everywhere'.

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