Monday, 2 August 2010

Don't look inside!

Amazon advises that we may 'look inside' a book before purchase. Wise advice, in the case of a book. But if you seek good news, or to see something of worth, don't 'look inside' yourself. Doctor Martin (no, not the clumpy shoes one) inspired a little ditty on the subject, a while ago:
Luther teaches that we all
Are involved in Adam's fall.
If we look ourselves within,
Feel the bite and curse of sin.
When dread, despair and terror seize, 
Contrite we fall upon our knees.
Then breaks for us the light of day;
Then the gospel may have sway. 

Then we see Christ: of God, the Son,
Who for us all things has done:
The law fulfilled, the debt is paid,
Death overcome, the curse allayed,
Hell destroyed, the devil bound,
Grace for us with God has found.
Christ, the Lamb, removes all sin:
By faith alone in Christ we win.

Translation of 'The Wittenberg Nightingale', by Hans Sachs, Nurnberg. From Here I Stand, Bainton, modernised slightly.

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