Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Escapable meaning

If Screwtape had been considering things in a multi-cultural situation, perhaps he would have given this tip: 
So, you have failed. You tell me that your man insists on hearing the Enemy's book read and taught each week - and now, despite your 'best efforts', has a copy to read daily! But there is still hope. You must keep him content to read it, and hear it - keep him from considering believing it and changing. And this is your main hope for this:
If I'm not mistaken, his copy of the Enemy's book, and the teaching he hears, is in his country's national language. This is not the language in which he berates his wife (competently done, by the way). It's not the language in which his wife complains. It is not the language his friends use to joke as they drink after a hard day's work. It's not the language he heard his father use when he learned trade from him. So there is still hope: we will avoid having the Enemy's word take root in his heart and transform his life, because he won't hear it. By all means, don't let them get the idea of translating it - let them be content that they have it, and hear it, in their national language.

Alternatively, read what God's doing through his Word, translated: one story here. '...when he heard it in his own language, the meaning was inescapable.'

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