Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Quote of the day: wonderful, ethical commands

UK residents: Did you put some form of religious affiliation on your census, on Sunday? 

One of my friends was wholeheartedly backing the campaign to persuade those who aren't believing, practising religious people, to tick 'No religion' on their form. I'm sympathetic to this: it must be frustrating for all those secularists to see so many non-believers happily tick 'Christian' simply because they feel some sort of affiliation to the culture. But if that's what they want to tick, let them! It's not to others to police what people feel some affiliation to.

Thankfully, in church we don't have to judge by what religious affiliation people like: not having to allocate government funding, we can welcome one another as God in Christ has welcomed us, to the glory of God.

But I did come across a quote to share with you, if you acknowledged some religious attachment yesterday: 
The Bible is full of many wonderful ethical commands, which would be very inspiring except for the fact that we are not wonderful, ethical people. [DeYoung]
If that doesn't bother you, carry on being religious (or failing to be religious, as it were). But if it does, you may like to look at a hint of the Bible's own solution to this rather depressing problem, here.

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