Friday, 27 May 2011

Go with the flow

Komezuka, (c) William Cho

God's overflowing kindness reaches us as if the world is an inverted bowl. 

[Stop: stretchy metaphor alert - no need to call the flat earth society.] We tend to try desperately to stay in a shallow pool of gracieness at the top (wondering why it keeps spilling over the sides) - because it's nicer at the top, right? We'd prefer to call those from the rim and plains up to join us on the top basking in the view. Or at least, let's make sure our position's secure: hammer in a few pins to hold on to our supreme comforts and values, and then make some trips abseiling down the side to drag up a few. 

While God's grace flows unceasingly down to the edges.

Trouble is, God likes to show his love through his people. So if we resist rolling with his abundant flow of grace downhill where we may not feel so comfortable, how's it going to get there? 
Roger Carswell reflects on this dynamic applied to less reached people in the UK, in Not listening to God?

And I'm looking forward to the videos of the recent Reaching The Unreached conference; for now, Neil Robbie has posted his notes from the sessions.


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mama said...

Highly as I regard Roger Carswell, and moved as I was by his article, I find your pictorial metaphor more richly memorable... not biased of course ;)