Thursday, 22 December 2011

Not like Santa's grotto

A God like Santa? Church like Santa's grotto, then - full of hardworking slaves who keep themselves to themselves and dish out the rewards or punishments? Au contraire:

To follow a God who came down to a village, and into a womb, to draw our stinking selves to himself... leads to practices such as Eddie Arthur describes in the Guardian. Nice one, Eddie!


eddie said...

I'm slow, I've only just seen this, but thanks for plugging my Grauniad piece.


Maxime Soumagnas said...

Have you heard about InterAction camps in Belgium? We are looking for leaders, cooks, kids, assistant leaders who are happy to serve and can speak French and English:

Thanks for reading my blog!

étrangère said...

Salut Maxime - oui je connais les camps InterAction: je connais les Nelsons (d'IFES) et autres. Malheureusement, mon fiancé ne sait pas parler français (quelques mots!)... mais on en considéra.