Wednesday, 31 August 2005

The curious delight of friendly faces

A day of lovely surprises! I'm now in Leamington (well, actually I'm now in Warwick Uni campus where the reception has public internet access, and I'm staying with a friend in Warwick town, not Leam, but anyway). I had lunch with friends from church - a couple whose love and care so practically expressed to everyone has been not only a support and encouragement whenever needed, but also a big inspiration to me to follow their example.

Well, wandering through Leamington en route to the bus stop, who did I meet but the lovely Cate McNee, of NUCU. Not so strange as she lives in Warwick, but a lovely surprise to bump into her in the street, and even to be told that she's visited my blog!

Then at the bus stop, who was there in the queue but a friend from 'my' Leamington church, waiting to catch the same bus - a lovely surprise again!

Thank God for friends and surprises :)


Cate said...

Hi Rosemary! Was great to see you.. and get a blog mention too.. wow! Cate x

Sarah La Pietra said...

Likewise, Rosemary!! Great to 'bump' into you, even though I hardly recognised you at first with your shades on!