Sunday, 25 June 2006

The Message of the Bible

Where did anyone get the idea that things 'wind down' towards the end?!

Day 1:
- Intro to the Bible,
- Creation (& character of God as seen in creation),
- Fall (and descent as far as Babel)

Day 2:
- Abraham to Exodus (inc. roles of law, priesthood & land)
- Sin, judgement, grace cycle in Kings & Judges (inc. role of king, prophet & judge)
- Life of Jesus (inc. fulfillment of OT roles)

Day 3:
- Jesus' death, resurrection & ascension
- In the meantime: the church, inaugurated escatology (now & not yet) etc.
- Jesus' return and final judgement (inc. challenge)

I've got the fall and the final session to do. Well, grace is seen most clearly against the darkest backgrounds! We'd all appreciate prayer for prep.

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Alan Davey said...

This looks like a really great event though. The Big Picture Triptych. A Bible Overview in a three day flight. Excellent.