Monday, 29 January 2007

Book recommendations

Trueman's at it again, with his "book review section of Reformed Man Today" listing "the following three must reads for all cutting-edge confessional types out there:" - the first caught my eye because studying for a Biblical view of state, politics, and church is currently somewhere on my radar of interest...
The Christian's Guide to Voting by Brad Sikorski. Sikorski, a doyen of pro-life causes such as the NRA, `The Hang Hillary Now Campaign' and `The Committee to Bring Back Old Smokey' writes with his customary light wit, disarming modesty, mischievous sense of humour and penetrating insight. A must-read guide which will take you through the complexities and nuances of the moral and intellectual maze of the contemporary political scene and tell you which Republican candidates the Bible requires you to vote for and which ones are simply paid agents of Hugo Chavez bent on destroying civilisation as we know it. A 700 Club `Book of the Decade' selection.

Reformed Eye for the Evangelical Guy by Derek Delboy-Thomas and Liggy Ligon-Duncan. Coffee table book based on the hit TV series. If your idea of style is Thomas Kinkade paintings, Inspirational Choir of the Tabernacle albums, and Benny-Hinn style Nehru jackets, then this is the book for you. Let A-list Reformed celebs, Del and Liggy, lead you to a more confessional approach to style. Comes with free charcoal-grey double-breasted suit, white shirt and J Crew tie.
[Read more.] Reminds me of a certain 2 ladies at Word Alive doing 'What Not to Wear' to a certain evangelist.


Alan Davey said...

The man's barking.

They're all barking.

étrangère said...

Hm, but barking much more intelligently than I can speak.