Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Ha ha ha... ah.

Carl Trueman (in the Ref21 blog) writes the most hilarious stuff I've read on the web. Made all the more pointedly humourous (and humourously pointed) by being contentful. That is, I simultaneously find his posts some of the most insightful / nail-on-the-head about theology, church & life, as well as frequently bursting into laughter.

He's recently been speaking through alter ego Jeremy Plectrum-Smith, who's made some insightful comments...
From the Campaign for Real Thoughtfulness - a slight dig at those who complain about his sense of humour. It seems that many (Americans?) don't appreciate it, take him seriously (at the wrong points), and complain. Oh dear. I didn't quite believe this, but it's true.
The introduction of interviews with Reformed innercity cab drivers - on Ref21
Catholicus Sardonicus - on Rodney Trotter, another of his personae. Yes, they interact!
The View From the Cab - has the contemporary church embraced relativism at the expense of truth?

A spoof reformed magazine agony column exchange between a concerned reader and Rev.Dr. Nicky Mauss on the several apologetic schools of thought regarding rock music. His other characters to date include Tony 'the Gent' Pinnochio (Open Theist), Rt Rev Sanc T Monious, and Gareth Baudrillard-Jones. Sometimes he's even known to post as himself. Scandalous.

The only trouble with Carl's posts is that he invariably gets me wanting to read something more. P T Forsyth is the latest. Before that, it was the early church fathers, and I'm behind on that - studying some patristic history and reading Athanasius this term. Ah, it's dangerous to get advice on books from a helpful person.

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