Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Null gospels

On my current thoughts of gift, giver, idolatry and the desires of our heart, Bish has flagged another vid of Piper, this time engaging with prosperity gospel in Birmingham. It was Birmingham, Alabama, but this Birmingham of the Brum variety has the cathedral to material prosperity with its god offering happiness and acceptance. It doesn't deliver. It is no gospel. And let us make very sure not to preach it.

I sat in aforementioned materialism cathedral earlier today and meditated on Luke 12.13-34. A good and challenging passage. I've spoken on it evangelistically before, but it has such impact for any heart inclined to the idolatry of worshipping the gift rather than the giver, the created rather than the Creator. Something like this...

Be careful! Guard yourself against all covetousness (for what you don't have; or over-care for what you do have: your life isn't made up of how much you own! You've lost the plot if you gather stuff for yourself and you aren't rich toward God. Don't go chasing after nice clothes, food, drink, seeking after them as if you get your life from them. That's what the pagans do - who don't know that life comes from God. He's your heavenly Father, and knows what you need - so you concentrate on seeking after his kingdom, which isn't a pointless search, either, cos he loves to give it to you. So hold your stuff really lightly - and hold onto God, your treasure in heaven. Whatever you count as your treasure, you'll set your heart on it. And you don't want to have your heart bound up with what'll wear out in a few years!


Alan said...
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Rhology said...

That's brilliant.


By God's grace, I'm coming up on 10 years of hating it.

Caleb Woodbridge said...

There are some good talks available to download from Contagious, a Christian youth conference, on the theme of Smashing the Idols of the Heart:

étrangère said...

Cheers Caleb