Friday, 29 June 2007

Quote of the day: comprehending cows

Cows have been featuring more frequently than is normal in the Christian blogging world at the moment. David Field wrote about how God cares for cattle (or mentioned it, in a good post on whether preaching should be aiming to be first past the post). Dave Bish flagged that up in the most recent of his (frequent, but always worth reading!) posts on Jonah. And... oh, ok, I think I was directed by someone else to David Field's article so read that twice. And then a book I was reading directed me to "true comprehension of cows and grass".
Man can understand himself and the creation surrounding him only as he recognizes the Creator-creature distinction revealed there and sees the will of God more clearly through his observation of creation. For example, it is not enough to know that cows eat grass. True comprehension of cows and grass reveals the providential power and care of God and the task which was given to man to subdue every other creature to God's glory (cf. Gen. 1:28). ... As creation cannot exist apart from God, it cannot be silent of God. The more fully one apprehends any fact of the universe, the more it will reveal God and His will to him. - Richard Pratt, Every Thought Captive
So that's the thought for today folks: go forth and ponder cows.


thebluefish said...

I accept that Jonah and Galatians appear rather frequently in my blogging. Fairly unapologetically it flows from my studying of them :) (likewise Esther, 2 Chronicles, Hebrews in recent months)

Anyways, new themes coming and I plan to embark on some other books too! Also need to work out where I take it with impending new responsibilities.

étrangère said...

Haha, I wasn't objecting in any way to your frequent blogging in Jonah - as I said, it's always worthwhile reading! As you know in we studied it for SLOBS in West Mids CUs for half of term 2 this year and I much enjoyed preparing for that. And the Team Days in which Mo took us through it!

I plan to launch into Romans next week in prep for next year.

thebluefish said...

gonna miss doing SLOBS next year :(