Monday, 28 January 2008

Week of Thankfulness

1. Romans 8.1-17 with Cakes CU, now Guild-affiliated, increased by 25% (1 new member!), planning evangelism, in Weatherspoon's. Indwelt by the Spirit, we please God, as his adopted Sons, having life now and being raised like Christ later. Rockin'.

2. Meeting various Christians who seek to witness to the glory of Jesus among Muslims in the city - working together in the gospel, a great encouragement.

3. Tea with my lovely brought-up-in-Belgium-as-a-missionary-kid neighbour and her 1 year old, who's starting to walk, wobbly. Lent her my perculator for Eternity. One might say that would be to give her my perculator, but Eternity was their church mission week, so I won't be doing without real coffee for that long.

4. Friends to dinner and Carcassonne. I happened to win, much to my surprise, and it was lovely to catch up with them.

5. Saturday in the middle of nowhere Suffolk to see a friend. White chocolate bread & butter pudding with coulis in the slow cooker, and an introduction to Jeeves & Wooster. 6 hours of driving there & back alievated by Piper, Phatfish, Proclaimers, Sons of Korah, Francis Cabrel and Lou Fellingham.

6. Sunday in Manchester to meet my sister, which was closer than Inverness, where she lives. Drive up in the morning in time for church was helped by Piper and the Sovereign Grace folk with cross-centred songs. Fellowship with folk in Union Hall Evangelical church, where it turns out that the minister & his wife know my old team leaders in Belgium. Small world. Ended the day with an exhilerating sprint back down the M6 to deliver my sister's friend to New Street in time for the last train to Oxford: success!

7. Final orchestra rehearsal, with children's choir, before our Friday concert. First time hearing the words of the commissioned piece including the choir: it's about a magic jigsaw in which a whale takes a boy into the jigsaw. I think he decides to stay there, but my part was too involved at that point to catch the lyrics.


Anonymous said...

Never heard of Carcassone, but now I've followed the link, looks cool! I love the city (though in last 15 years it has become VERY commercial) but is the board game as good....?

étrangère said...

Well, I admit I don't know Carcassonne, but the board game's good! All the Deutsche Spiele des Jahres prize winners are good games - my favourites are Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne and Alhambra.