Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Quote of the day: myth become fact

'Myth in general is... a real though unfocused gleam of divine truth falling on human imagination', he wrote in Miracles; it is in the incarnation that that 'truth... becomes incarnate as History'. Yet 'Myth remains Myth even when it becomes Fact', and must be responded to at both levels. His vision of the New Creation, therefore, is that the breakdown of the "ancient unities", a disease permeating the whole of modern culture so that 'a purely mathematical universe and a purely subjective mind confront one another across an unbridgeable chasm', will be healed: 'Those who attain the glorious resurrection will see the dry bones clothed again with flesh, the fact and the myth re-married, the literal and the metaphorical rushing together.' - Pete Lowman quoting C.S.Lewis, Miracles, p.165, from his bethinking article on Perelandra.


dave bish said...

I spent the journey to Falmouth today reading Perelandra. And Relay application forms! Both delightful.

Anonymous said...


I've seen you mention Lewis a good number of times, (great stuff as always!) and thought you might be interested in this paper I've linked to called, "C. S. Lewis among the Postmodernists".