Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Free with BUECU - day 2

Following a hitch yesterday with the projector in the marquee (a lens cap was still on), this morning we had a heater breakdown! After much prayer and trial, it turned out it was just out of fuel. So, on with the show (and with trips to the petrol station with jerrycan), Paul gave us "Free from Guilt" from Mark 2, twice over, with around 90 in the tent each time. There were few questions this time, although we adopted the 'text a question' idea for those who'd be scared of the roving mic - but people were talking about what they'd heard with those around them, instead.

One girl came to me on the literature table before the 2nd lunchbar, interested in the historicity of the gospels. She'd had a look on wikipedia about Mark's gospel in particular, so we discussed how the Bible was compiled, and the reliability of Mark composing using Peter as a source. But the main point was one Paul made yesterday in the lunchbar - these guys really thought that life & death hung on Jesus' words, action and ultimately, his Person - so however or not you agree with them, recognise that they were very concerned to record with absolute accuracy what Jesus said and did! They thought eternal life hang on this, so they must get the word out truly.

We used questionnaires in the afternoon to chat to people around campus about freedom and Jesus, with most willing to take a gospel and investigate it further. This evening is an acoustic night, where Churchy will talk us through satisfaction, music, and Jesus.


Stephen said...

Hi Rosemary. Just noticed you were summarising events (I am several weeks behind on my blog reader!) Will stay tuned.

'Churchy'? Interesting name.

étrangère said...

Nickname of Matt Churchouse, of Selly Oak Elim. Ex-Relay Worker of my year.