Friday, 6 February 2009

Join the party!

(AKA Free with BUECU, day 5)

God's throwing a party - come and join! Actually, with the number of people in every nation trusting in the infinitely worthy Person and precious work of His Son every minute, God must be constantly joyful. In this instance, a girl studying at Birmingham University decided today to repent from her own ways and trust in God to justify her by His Son. She came looking for something spiritual, and has now found Jesus.

There are hundreds of students at Birmingham Uni now reading Mark's gospel: some with flatmates or coursemates who're in CU, some having chatted with a CU member during the week, some having come to events, most having asked many questions and received some answers - but all reading Mark's gospel. Pray that for many more, they would see that Jesus is the promised Saviour-King, the Son of God, and would repent and believe this good news!

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