Thursday, 9 April 2009

Parables on the motorway

Just arrived back from New Word Alive in North Wales, where in the evening celebrations we were treated to some of Jesus' parables. I was caused to ponder one as I travelled home this afternoon:

What if... after the Priest and the Levite had passed the Jew stranded by the side of the road, someone came by who really wanted to stop and help especially as he was a friend, but his pony was on a headlong rush with a a herd of elephants intimidatingly thundering on his tail, and by the time he spotted the friend in need of help, he couldn't possibly rein his charging beast over out of the way of the stampeding elephants, to stop? What if, furthermore, with the herd of elephants filling the ravine all rushing in one direction, there was nowhere to turn round and go back? I bet he'd have felt awful about it all the way home.

Substitute appropriate 21st Century setting and you get
my thoughts on the way back from North Wales, specifically after spotting some friends at the side of the M54, just too late to do anything about it with a juggernaut bearing down behind. Even merits a rare emoticon :( But better, see here for the real thing, here soon for a download of Don Carson on the parable at NWA, of which Adrian gives a taster.


Anonymous said...

sounds like you had fun @ NWA ?!*? miss it!

étrangère said...

Man, you need to go less formal with your name tag - is that what WEST does to you?! But yes, NWA was fab ta, all the more for bringing my church the 2nd week. Not that I don't enjoy being on student team - impact group and maths-to-the-glory-of-Christ being very enjoyable things :) - but something about being church together at NWA in week 2 was particularly good. You couldn't make it then, en famille?