Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Quote of the Day: the token for weak faith

"...the Sacrament... was ordained not for angels, but for men; and not for perfect men, but for weak men; and not for Christ, who is truth itself, to bind him, but because we are ready, by reason of our guilty and unbelieving hearts, to call truth itself into question.

"Therefore it was not enough for his goodness to leave us many precious promises, but he gives us confirming tokens to strengthen us."

- Richard Sibbes, The Bruised Reed

The White Horse Inn was discussing the Lord's supper here. I'm not sure what I think of some of it - I need to study it more, and it frustrates me sometimes in the WHI that often when they agree they don't back up what they're agreeing on from Scripture. But I agree with their emphasis on gathering together: about our common practice of the Lord's Supper, one said, "We make everything into a Quiet Time."

We gather with joy, examining ourselves to look to Christ's righteousness with trusting thankfulness, not to make ourselves sad.

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Phiippa said...

I'm reading The Bruised Reed at the moment too..

It's good.

I'm sure your review would be more eloquent!