Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Jesus is not just good.

Many things are good. All good things are what God has given us to enjoy, and give Him thanks. We're not to disparage God's good gifts as if they're inherently bad - art, science, education, sport, music, family, business, emotions, reasoning, creation, ... . We may pervert them in using them in the wrong direction, selfishly rather than lovingly. But they are good.

And Jesus is good: he is the supreme good, the pinacle of God's gifts, as in the Man Jesus, God gives us Himself.

Jesus is not just good: he is better.
Get that equation wrong, that comparison wrong, and you run counter to the reality of the world he created and sustains.

Jesus is not just good: he is better.

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Anonymous said...

Yes! Reminds me of a facsimile of the title page to Hebrews I have from Frances Ridley Havergal's AV. She has crossed out "Hebrews" and written in large letters "BETTER." Amen and Amen.