Monday, 4 May 2009

Too good to be true?

God is good. He's good to us in a small way by giving us a pattern of Sabbath rests, celebrating His gracious provision to us and trusting in it in future, looking forward to future rest with Him. As for Sundays, celebrating the resurrection life of Christ which has won this Rest for us, meeting with other Christ-ians: wonderful. But as my Sunday was rather packed (with such things!) this week, I enjoyed the Bank holiday as an extra opportunity to remember and receive God's goodness.

Spending time with friends, in the lovely spacious grounds of Ragley Hall complete with assault course, picnicing in the Great British weather(!), being bad at frisbee and throwing (like a girl of course!) some whistling bomb-like thing, grabbing a pub tea with friends and orchestra rehearsal enjoying Sibelius 1st symphony (and being appointed as co-leader for our 2nd concert this season, gulp). I know these things are small, ordinary kind of things, but in a world rebelling against its creator and sustainer, when my heart is so cold to the reality of God's goodness, no goodness I receive is 'ordinary'! I will give thanks for these things and declare God's extraordinary goodness to me!

Paul Tripp has a wonderful reflection here on Ps.73: "Surely God is good to Israel,..." May the busyness and business of day to day life never drown out that most tremendous truth.

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