Wednesday, 16 September 2009

"Thou shalt not be unhappy"?

Is our main problem sin against God and his right anger at that, or life's threats to my happiness and my hurt at that? Do we live in a way that fits our answer to that? Carl Trueman mentions how our therapeutic culture has fed into some of evangelicalism in a White Horse Inn broadcast.

In a wide-ranging conversation, he also addresses some problems in "traditional" church worship. Preaching is not an explanation of the Bible for information transfer or moral advice: it's declaring God's word to the transformation of his people. A worship service isn't just a handy gathering, it's a drama of worship.

And since we were speaking earlier of the Hibernian mentality, Carl says of the Scots and assurance, "Few Scotsmen can believe they're going to heaven; no American can believe they're not going to heaven, in my experience!"


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does Trueman seem to be everywhere these days? (Not that I'm complaining - he's a good writer/speaker.)

Feels like he's just been discovered on this side of the Atlantic!

étrangère said...

I don't know - I really enjoyed reading him nearing ten years ago, when he was RTSF's Themelios editor, which role he fulfilled for a fair while I think; but you're right, he does seem to be mentioned more online now.