Saturday, 9 July 2005

Biblical Theology

Musing on 2 articles I found on on the interplay between Biblical and Systematic Theology, and current evangelical preaching.
(I can't reproduce them here, but in beginningwithmoses' top menu click on "bt articles", then the one entitled, "A revolutionary balancing act (Carl Trueman)". And then the one beneath: "Ontology and Biblical Theology - AResponse to Carl Trueman's Editorial: A RevolutionaryBalancing Act - (Graeme L.Goldsworthy)".)
Very interesting: I'd been thinking along the lines of Trueman's editorial for a while, so now pondering Goldsworthy. Perichoresis seems to be the thing!


thebluefish said...

Kinda good to see you couldn't resist blogging, welcome!

Mikey C said...
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Mikey C said...

That's annoying, now it looks like I said something and then deleted it. Which I did, but that's not the point.


Paul Schafer said...

welcome to blogging!
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