Thursday, 28 July 2005

why am I crying?

I thought I was a hardened cynic regarding things Northern Irish, and find it hard because of that, to pray for NI (so I was praying against my cynicism!) But when I heard of the IRA's statement today, I found myself crying. Not that I'm convinced of any results yet, and it doesn't stop the problem of infighting 'loyalist' terrorists, 'community policing', and para drug running - it won't deal with sin. But I guess that the ongoing terrorism has had a greater effect on my outlook than I realised.

1 Tim 2 urges us to pray for rulers so that we may live peaceful and quiet lives, because God desires all to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth. We have no right to an end to violence, and we're likely to see it increase. But we pray that in right wrath, God would remember mercy and restrain the violent, so that there are no longer the associated barriers to those from all backgrounds being saved and coming to a knowledge of the truth.

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