Friday, 8 July 2005

An enjoyably productive day

Not incredibly exciting, but I feel most satisfied by a day in which I
a) in the morning read "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime",
b) at lunchtime made chocolate brownies (hmmm, they came out well!) for Sunday tea, when the family will be back from Aberdeen (parents, for sister's graduation) and Down South (bro', on church camp),
c) in the afternoon cleaned the kitchen and all mirrors and bathrooms in the house (talk about elbow grease!), which was good as my Mum's not been well enough :-( to do so for a while,
d) at dinnertime walked the dog in the beautiful evening,
e) and in the rest of the evening watched The Man with the Golden Gun on TV (passable if you want no brain action).
Tomorrow it'll be vacuuming, baking flapjacks, dog-walking, studying Clowney on the Church, and making dinner for the Return of the Family. Deary me, I'm turning into a 'housewife'. Housegirl?

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