Saturday, 15 October 2005

Come on, what's going on?

An informative post is a little overdue.

I'm now helping with Mons GBU, which is 1.5 hours from my place by public transport. The leader is Eunice, a lovely girl studying translation - so even sympathetic to my mistakes in French :) I enjoyed helping her prepare the Luke 2 study this week: took a long time and was hard work, but I think I was enjoying the privilege of being able to serve God in this way, studying his Word with a student, and her commitment to leading her group in doing so.

On the English-speaking international side of things, some Chinese students are very interested and some meeting up for Bible study, and on the francophone international side, having got a male team member to join me, I met up with a guy from Woluwe campus who's interested in discussing more, and we had a good time of discussion. He might go to the GBU group on that campus, and has borrowed a book on his main question :) I think he's searching for answers to avoid searching for God though. Not that that's surprising, given Romans 1. Pray that God would open his eyes to see his glory in Christ - that he would look to Christ as we tried to urge him, rather than looking to get a philosophical system sorted.

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Virginie Eunice said...

Hi Rosemary!

I didn't even know you had a blog :O What a joy to see that you're going well and that you're still God-centrd :)... and that you still love Belgium^^

Hope we'll see each other once more before Heaven... if not, see you in Heaven ;)

God bless U