Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Time for some trivia

I stepped onto the metro on my way to church on Sunday to find in my carriage a man playing the Turkish Rondo on the accordion. Bizarre. He was playing it rather too fast... but as it wasn't written for accordion in the first place, I let him off and chipped in as requested when the time came (signalled, also bizarrely, by a change to an interrupted version of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik).

What does a green man mean at a pedestrian crossing? Here it doesn't necessarily mean that the lights are red for traffic - they just happen to be green for pedestrians too: after all, it's good to be generous.

I hesitated for a second in replying to a bloke in the laundrette who was offering to help me negotiate my way round the coin-change-token machine, and found him without a thought offering to speak to me in any of 4 other languages. Now that is Brussels!

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