Thursday, 13 October 2005

Telegraph | Opinion | There's plenty of life left in the churches

"According to Brierley, the Churches that are growing are the ones which are orthodox but experimental: the Pentecostals and evangelicals, relaxed in style but strict in substance, liberal in all but doctrine and appealing not to liturgy but to grace."

Spotted in Telegraph opinion (well you wouldn't find it in the Guardian): what think ye?


Someone there said...

you are a good person :)
I love people like you! nice blog too!

Rachel said...

Hey Rosemary,
How are you getting on?
Re: telegraph article - interesting that it says the churches that thrive are liberal on ALL BUT doctrine - that's key really, that we are ready to change our style, or whatever, to accomodate people, but MUST NOT compromise on the gospel. So often in the church it seems we're too ready to chuck the doctrine out with evrything else. But then we lose the very thing that is the power of God unto salvation - the gospel.

étrangère said...

Yes, I thought it was remarkably insightful / correct for a newspaper article - in any main newspaper! I might see if I can get away with discussing it in my next French class - we've to bring something each time, but I should probably search for something from Belgium to discuss. I should really blog more about what's happening here, to answer your first question! And pop along to your blog :)