Friday, 9 December 2005

The Lion et al

Given all the debate currently about the forthcoming film of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (should you, shouldn't you; will they, won't they; and was Lewis a heretic or a genius...) I've succumbed to blog too: it's now out (but not in Belgium until 21st, grr) and Al Mohler's written what seems like a helpfully constructive review here which says all I'd say better than I could say it and he's actually seen the thing so is informed.


PG said...

yea, can't say I wanna spoil my view of the book personally by some (usually rather rubbish) animated characters but I spose for the good of being able to talk with those who have seen it, I better. And since you are looking after xmas to go...who better to go with.

étrangère said...

Yeay, 3 cheers for PG being game - hip hip hurrah :) I've heard most fears are ungrounded. Not in life that is, just in the sphere of Christian reservations about what they could have done with the film.