Monday, 11 September 2006

Glory Days

Some students asked me for a top 5 books for this term. That's a hard question (though I'm loving it) - usually different people need different books at different stages of life, thought and maturity. I'm still pondering it - at the time I only managed to say Cross-examined by Mark Meynell. Now I've definitely got another to add: Glory Days by Julian Hardyman.
[From the publisher review] You love to paint but Christian meetings fill up all your free time. You could cut it as a professional sportsperson but think missionary work might be a better use of your life. You’re interested in party politics but worry that it’s not much of a spiritual pastime.

Many believers subconsciously divide their lives into Christian activities (church, prayer, Bible study and evangelism) and everything else – the glory bits and the rest. Julian Hardyman shows that God is just as interested in our work and family, our hobbies and skills, our politics and sporting prowess, as the things we think of as spiritual.
Your suggestions on a top 5 books for students would be welcome in comments. Just bear in mind it's Fresher term and we're talking students from many different church backgrounds - I'm not necessarily asking for your top 5 books, or top 5 Christian classics. Current contenders apart from the 2 above are Let the Nations be Glad!, Out of the Saltshaker (which seems like the Marmite book on evangelism - love it & find it life transforming or hate it and know you're not Rebecca Manley-Pippert), Know & Tell the Gospel, Pure, A Call to Spiritual Reformation, Dig Deeper!, & God's Big Picture.


thebluefish said...

I only use a bookstall at Houseparty and plan to have 10 books on it plus a few Sovereign Grace Ministries books I'll have ordered in...

My ten will (probably) be:

* Glory Days
* Finding Joy
* Let the nations
* Contending for our all
* Cross Examined
* Dig Deeper
* Five Festal Garments
* Bible Doctrine
* the relevant BST for the weekend
* The Busy Christians Guide to Busyness

though I might change my mind on some of that.

Dave K said...

Cross-examined (central stuff)
The Busy Christians Guide to Busyness - great (or Glory Days, seems to cover a similar angle, the esential whole-of-life thing)
God's Big Picture (how to read the whole bible)
A Call to Spiritual Reformation (a great example of exposition, plus turns you 180 from praying/wanting what you want to what God wants, while showing you where to find it)
Let the Nations be Glad (God, mission - great)

I love recommending books... :)

mama said...

First, a history lesson for all you youngsters! - 5 books from my student days, all much used of God:

Prayer (O Hallesby)
Evangelism & the Sovereignty of God (A W Pink)
Screwtape Letters (C S Lewis)
Revolution of Love (George Verwer)
A Time to Embrace (Oliver Barclay)

For today's students, who don't generally read much, it doesn't need to be too heavy - you want to leave them wanting more, not thinking reading's a chore.

Don't Waste Your Life (Piper)
The Shock of Your Life (Adrian Holloway)
Screwtape Letters (C S Lewis)
Quest for Love (Elisabeth Elliot)
Mountain Rain (biog. of James O Fraser by Eileen Crossman)

I love recommending books too! :)

étrangère said...

Thanks all - I know you love recommending books as much as I do! Those are helpful. The difficulty is narrowing it down...

What's your top one on Evangelism though, people? (Humour me and make that distinct from mission/Let the nations, unless you insist.)

thebluefish said...

I think probably Let the Nations is my evangelism choice - give people a passion for the gospel and they will share it with others.

That said - I think Sire's Why Good Arguments Fail is pretty good - and may well get onto my top 10... (it was there til I thought about Glory Days & Busy Christian)

Otherwise I guess Know & Tell and Saltshaker are ok.

Rhology said...

How about "How to Stay Christian in College" and "What We Can't Not Know" by J Budziszewski?

Yeah, he's Roman Catho, but he's got a great grasp on natural law and apologetics...

Katie Russell said...

I love your blog! How cute! I'll definately visit again. Blessings all your way!

mama said...

I've just been reminded by Papa that the other classic of our time - but timeless - was Take My Life (Michael Griffiths).