Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Build this house

Lou Fellingham's new CD Treasure is very well worth getting. This song is typically beautifully sung, but more, is a challenging prayer: [mp3 sample]

All I have and all I am is Yours
There's nothing that I have on earth
that doesn't come from You
I lay aside my pride and wordly worth
To serve You is the greatest thing
that I could ever do

    For unless you build this house
    I am building it in vain
    Unless the work is Yours
    There is nothing to be gained
    I want something that will stand
    When your Holy fire comes
    Something that will last
    And to hear You say well done
    Giving Glory to You Lord
    Glory to You Lord
So easy to desire what others have
Instead of seeing all the gifts that
You have given me
So help me fan the flame which You began
And burn in me a love for You
that all will clearly see

1 comment:

thebluefish said...

it is a great cd, the soundtrack of our summer this year.