Saturday, 9 September 2006

Tick, tick, tick, bomb!

Just back from FORUM 2006: Ignition. It rocked. The gospel, faithful and challenging Bible teaching from Graham Daniels & Rico Tice, and around 500 student CU leaders, Relay workers and CU staff workers, a big top tent, lots of washing up, a whole evening of prayer for world mission, and an open mic night which rounded off with an incredible post-punk lyrical performance from Dan Peterson (new CUSW in Scotland).

I had a particularly nostalgic moment. My first time at FORUM, we sang 'There is a Day' [mp3] by the Fellinghams. It's an excellent song full of Scripture pointing us to long for the day when we'll see Jesus face to face and be like him (even if the fill-in 'oh yeah, o-oh yeah!' rather amused my friend & I). Then this FORUM, my first time as a CUSW, didn't we have Lou and Nathan Fellingham along to sing some new songs to us (including some from Lou's wonderful new album Treasure), and they sang 'There is a Day'. All it lacked was my friend struggling not to laugh at the Oh yeahs.
Oh yeah.
I would say things come round in circles, except they don't: history is linear, heading to the goal of being under one head, even Christ.

Things Of Note (or TON, not to be confused with Thon, which is tuna, in French) -

STUDENTS get great discounts on great books courtesy of a UCCF student card. GRADUATES get a special conference - to equip you to live for Jesus and speak for Jesus in the workplace - with The Don (Carson) and Stott speaking.


Caleb W said...

Hey Rosemary,

Was great to meet you in person after enjoying keeping up with your blog for however long it's been since I started reading.

I'll hopefully put some thoughts on Forum on my blog soon. I really enjoyed it and was challenged by it, and enjoyed meeting lots of old and new friends.

Anyway, back to designing CU posters for Freshers' Week, taking on board tips from Pod's seminar on publicity...

étrangère said...

Hi Caleb,

yeah we should've have a bloggers forum, but Bish gets freaked out if surrounded by people who know him through his blog. I don't know what else he expects, but hey.

Glad you enjoyed Forum so much and learnt from it.

When I did publicity for CU the first meeting I had was when we were almost done working through the topics from the DB: so with great delight the first CU poster I did announced
Jesus' return!
5.30pm :: Wed xth April :: Ramphal LT

Pete said...

I well remember just how much those space-filling 'oh yeahs' amused us!!! I can't believe I missed them live! Tho I have to say, I have got used to them in the intervening 4 years - for me personally they're no longer the source of quite so much mirth. But it has made me smile to think of them again!!!

étrangère said...

Yes, I've got used to them too - but back at Forum it all came back and I wished you were there to appreciate it!

Mark said...

Can I just say that I used to laugh at singing 'oh yeah' until at my church, they decided to get rid of that and instead repeat the few words before which was even worse and even harder not to laugh at. Try it! You won't laugh the next time it comes up, out of fear that someone changes it.
By the way, look out for a friend of mine at City, Phil Peddar. I've told him to be extra nice to you!

étrangère said...

Thanks Mark. I'm actually going to Bournville Evangelical though, so Phil might be searching in vain to be extra nice to me!

Alan Davey said...

We sang "Oh yeah, oh yeah" at church. Well, most people did. I was in the loo changing my trousers. It was a baptism service. One or two people sang "Oh yes, oh yes."