Saturday, 16 December 2006

Avoiding confusion

A wee bit of advice Mo passed on when taking the Midlands team through Jonah:

God is God; you are you: try not to get the two confused.


thebluefish said...

very helpful advice.
1) because I'm preparing some talks on Jonah.
2) because it's true!

Ant said...

Sounds obvious. Yet we do still get the two confused. Duh!

Anonymous said...

Saw recently an interview David Frost had with Billy Graham where he told Ol' Bill that he could believe in God if he could understand why God allowed certain things to happen. Billy replied "Isn't he God? Can't he do whatever he likes?" which I thought was a refreshing answer in the age which tries to have a pat answer for every query.

étrangère said...

Adrian that's a great question in response to a question! When actually it was Frost who had the misunderstanding, going on the defensive would only have bought in to his false view of God.

Been reading (still reading) Tripp's 'Instruments in the Redeemer's hands and it targets idolatry (or 'getting the two confused') from every angle. It's painful and humbling. And ultimately grace-full.