Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Machines and miscellany

My 2 hour driving lesson this morning was relaxing. Relaxing?!? Well, I had come straight from battling my printer for an hour to no avail, so relatively, it was quite fun... but I do think I'm ready for my test!

Once upon a CU meeting... the music sec and I decided that our end of year prayer & praise meeting should include a brief word from the Bible - we'd not got a speaker for a talk, but we decided we wanted to hear from God and respond in our prayer & praise meeting: rather a waste of a meeting otherwise! So, not having a speaker, we asked Rich Fairbairn, then CU pres, to give a few words of exhortation. Now, we should have known really... Rich Fairbairn was not just going to give a 'few words' once we'd given him the chance to expound God's word to CU. He preached on Hebrews 13. Now, a good few years on, he's been preaching around Reading and Guildford CUs, and RUCU helpfully recorded him on Mark 14 [HT: Bish] Good stuff. I'd like to take credit for sparking off his preaching ministry, but it was going to happen sometime, and God blatantly gets all the credit anyway.


thebluefish said...

Rich is doing some brilliant stuff.

Anonymous said...

Is this a new UCCF methodology taking shape here........?