Thursday, 28 December 2006

Christmas pressies!

Ah, happy days.

PS Dave flags up some good books he's read in 2006.


Anonymous said...

Oh Joy! The Needham books are really good for an stupid duffer like me (written originally for his Nigerian students I believe)....and Dever is good in the Deliberate Church - though you may have read it all before.

What bookshop does your Dad run (saw comment on Bish's blog)?

Happy happy reading.

étrangère said...

Yes I'm looking forward to the Needham! I read Dever a few days ago but have to say I skim-read half of it as I'm not an elder nor planning to be one!

My Dad manages the Evangelical Bookshop, Belfast. Independent, evangelical / reformed stocking policy and a strong committment to doing Christian bookselling as ministry - including reducing the books as much as possible :D Sadly that link is to a webpage, not a website, and not even a good one at that.

Anonymous said...

almost makes me want to be in NI - not near the pathetic excuse for a bookshop we have near here. I confess I order most of my books from ICM in Craigavon. If only your dad had a website not just a link....

Still, makes for excellent Christmas presents.

Anonymous said...

Ouch...just been convicted by your blog early in year (H/T Bish) about local Christian bookshops. Does there come a point though when those on v. low incomes (i.e. me) have to choose a much cheaper option. Or is local always best?

Interestingly we have same problem with our church bookstall which is stocked from local bookshop. We can only get sale or return on books they already have in stock (generally poor). If we order them, we cannot have them for the bookstall at church.

étrangère said...

I'm struggling with this Adrian. It's all very well for me to hold convictions, but I'm now in Birmingham and while I refuse to shop in Wesley Own, I would use CLC... but blanche at the prices rather. Knowing that if I were to order them from my Dad, it'd be cheaper even including p&p. So er... I did bring back 10kg of books in my luggage when I was over in Belfast for Christmas.

I still believe that we should use the local Christian bookshop because the more good books we get them to order and the more we're in there, the more gospel ministry will get done in the shop, rather than abandonning it. But I'm struggling with the practice - also not being on a high income and with books being vital to ministry!

One helpful tip is that GBC have a S/R bookstall scheme for camps. Not a lot, but helpful to know!

PG said...

"Sadly that link is to a webpage, not a website, and not even a good one at that."

And on a diff note I don't even think he's any plans in his career of going that way. I hope it's not too late! But while I'm around I'll keep offering my limited skills!

étrangère said...

On the contrary, PG, he has discussed going webward with the trustees, but it'd be a whole extra staff job to set it up and run it effectively.